Admission to a Maid Café in Tokyo - 1 or 2 hours

Admission to a Maid Café in Tokyo - 1 or 2 hours

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Vous aimerez

Meeting the maids
Discovering Japanese pop culture
Drink and meal included (depending on option chosen)
A Polaroid photo as a souvenir

Informations essentielles *

1 Stunde , 2 Stunden

Horaires de début
11:30 , 12:30 , 13:30 , 14:30 , 15:30 , 16:30

* Toutes les informations détaillées vous seront communiquées au moment de votre réservation.


Meet some maids and discover an intriguing aspect of Japanese pop culture!

Maid cafés are themed establishments (not just cafés as the name suggests, but also restaurants or bars) where the waitresses wear a classic Victorian or manga/video game-style uniforms.

The maid café concept originated in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, a mecca for anyone who loves Japanese otakus pop culture. Most of the maid cafés are in Akihabara, but there are some in other parts of Tokyo and major Japanese cities.

Settle down in a colourful café and get your dose of kawaii (cute in Japanese) in the company of maids, with whom you can chat and play fun games. At the end of your visit, you can get a Polaroid photo with the maids to immortalise the moment!

There are 2 packages:

1-hour package:
One drink
One souvenir photo per person
One live performance by the maids (one song per group)

- 2-hour package:
One drink
One main course or dessert
One souvenir photo per person
One live performance by the maids (one song per group)
Participation in a prize draw.


You can choose from several maid cafés in the Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Shibuya districts of Tokyo.
You'll be asked to choose a district and time, as well as the package when you book. You'll be given the exact café and time when the activity is confirmed.

Bon à savoir

  • Availability: every day (except under exceptional circumstances)
  • Location: Akihabara, Shinjuku or Shibuya - you'll find more information is in your voucher
  • Time: between 11.30am and 4.30pm
  • Duration: 1hr or 2hrs
  • You'll be able to choose the location and time when you book (subject to availability)
  • Drinks menu: coffee, tea, soda, beer
  • Dishes: omurice, steak, Japanese curry, frozen dessert
  • One drink per person is included. Once there, you must pay for any drinks and dishes not included in your package
  • Children under 6 can take part in this activity free of charge
  • Please follow the café's regulations

Le prix inclut

  • Admission to a Maid café
  • A drink
  • A Polaroid photograph
  • A main course or dessert (only if option selected)

Le prix n’inclut pas

  • Transfers from/to your hotel
  • Any other extras



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